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Game rules:
You bet chips on a field that you think the dice’s outcome will be (e.g. if you think the sum of all dice will be 14, place a chip on the field saying “14”), then click roll. If you made a correct bet, the field’s score will get multiplied by the chips’ worth, e.g you betted 100 on “4”, which is worth 60, your win will be 6000.
At the start, or after a reset (1 min of being inactive), your score (or in-game money, whichever you prefer), is 1000.

After downloading you will have to UNZIP the zip and/or press on the .exe to play.

(background image:

Download latest version here!
In case any problems with msvc….. .dll appear, please download the redistributable here, then install it on your computer.

Latest changes:

version 1.3:
Added extra effects to the waiting screen
Fixed output
Scorecounter works faster
Restart option added

CMD-window has been removed.
Minor bugfixes.

alpha-9 (a9):
a8 has been skipped.
Visual effect on click has been added.
README, credits and rules have been added.
Explosions have gotten a fancier effect.
Files have been limited and weeded out, yay!
Scorecounter has been fixed.
Minor bugfixes.

alpha-7 (a7):
Yes, a6 has been skipped. (or actually it was a5.2)
Limited amount of chips can be set.
Scorecounter in cmd-window added.

Chips can be deleted again when clicking right mouse button.
After approx. 1 min when the screen resets, it also resets the score to 1000.

alpha-5 (a5):
Chips can be clicked and put onto the fields.
Roll can be used.
Non-used fields go dark.
Added arcade-y blinking lights before starting.
No score-counting yet.

Chips from former bet get deleted before the new bet. (Bugfix)
Icon added.

Chips can be stacked.
After a minute of not-clicking, the screen goes back into resting mode, deleting all set chips/ explosions.